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"Really appreciated working with 7ASecurity. They were both professional and flexible, providing us with the expertise required to improve and the patience to help us with it. They didn't just stop at providing us the results either, but took the time to train our team and help us understand various problems from different angles in order to truly leave us off better informed at the end of the process." - Joshua Wöhle, CTO, SuperAwesome.

"Working with 7ASecurity is a delight. Their wide skillset and the impressive depth of their knowledge makes them a valuable resource in just about any project." - Jonas Magazinius, CEO, Assured.

"7ASecurity developed a unique course for eLearnSecurity with Practical Web Defense: This focuses on both attacking and defending Web Applications unlike the traditional courses which focus only on attacking applications. Students not only learn how to exploit the application but also learn to patch the vulnerabilities and block the attacks which is a complete 360 degree learning of web security. The coherent teaching style of 7ASecurity and the associated labs strikes a perfect balance between theory and practical. Hands down, eWDP is a course with a difference!" - Anirudh Anand, Security Analyst, Flipkart.

"Anyone who is wanting to learn more about mobile pentesting @7aSecurity has an amazing mobile class. I am about to go wild on some mobile apps this week. #lasconATX" - Giuseppe Trotta, about 7ASecurity cooperation during his time on - Andre (@popSh3lls) 7:45 AM - 24 Oct 2019

"If you're going to LASCON, check out this mobile security course. I attended it at OWASP Global Europe. It is very interesting. @7aSecurity" - D.Manning (@dmann2265) 1:37 PM - 21 Oct 2019

"7ASecurity demonstrated a great degree of professionalism and dedication during the development of the eLearnSecurity 'Practical Web Defense' course. The in-depth training material and labs showed a profound understanding of web security that any student could absorb easily. 7ASecurity are one of the best training partners we have had, producing extremely practical hands-on training" - Armando Romeo, CEO, eLearnSecurity.

"7ASecurity is staffed by specialists that are capable of offering comprehensive coverage in penetration testing and insight in software security. We've always found collaboration with them fluid and positive." - Nadim Kobeissi, CEO, Symbolic Software.

"I worked with 7ASecurity on many occasions and on various projects and I can't begin to tell how professional, passionate and experienced Abraham is. His broad knowledge on several information security topics and his problem solving attitude, have been a great school for my personal growth and career." - Giuseppe Trotta, about 7ASecurity cooperation during his time on eLearnSecurity and Cure53.

"Excellent course. I've learned a lot. Thanks @7aSecurity"- D.Manning (@dmann2265) 11:51 PM - 24 Sep 2019

"@7aSecurity Abraham is killing this....I love the hands on in his masterclass "Attacking Android and IOS apps by example"! #LASCOCATX #OWASP" - CJ (@ITGirl_MsCJ) 11:08 AM - 22 Oct 2019


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