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We aim to help you make your systems and apps as safe as possible, no matter how big or small your organization is. Our goal is to identify and remediate weaknesses before real attackers target your business. We take your security seriously and here is proof:

  1. 100% Quality Guarantee: If we deliver below our quality standards we will keep working on the test until quality objectively matches them, at no extra cost for you. (see terms).
  2. Free Fix Verification Bonus: Some time during or after the test (i.e. days, weeks or months), once everything is fixed we will verify your fixes, suggest improvements and ensure bypasses are not possible for free (see terms)
  3. We do not leave you alone with a bunch of vulnerabilities: Our aim is to provide you with actionable mitigation advice that works, and will make your systems and apps safer.
  4. Our assessments are tailored to your needs and threat models.
  5. Considering the above points, rest assured we will work relentlessly to identify security flaws with as much intensity as humanly possible for every minute that you pay for.

Who is 7ASecurity not for?

  1. If you are looking to be compliant, we can help you with the penetration test and code audit where relevant. For assistance to make your business compliant we could refer you to our partners.
  2. We are open to on-site work, however, most of our assessments are remote. If you require on-site assessments you could contact us to discuss feasibility or choose a different company.

How can we be so sure we will deliver?

  1. Generally companies prefer to publish pentest reports when few or no high impact issues are found. Typically after several rounds of testing, sometimes both internally and externally.
  2. Our public work is therefore below the level at which we usually deliver our services.


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