OWTF 0.13 “Trooper” released!

This was my first time speaking at Troopers in Heidelberg (Germany) and I must give a big thank you to the organisers who were really nice and helpful before, during and after the conference.
If you attended my talk I would appreciate feedback (positive, negative and/or neutral :)).
OWTF 0.13 “Trooper” is dedicated with special love to Troopers, its organisers and attendants!
NOTE: Since we are no longer in the middle ages I have assumed that nobody will have problems with number “13” :).
Usual background + Disclaimer:
The Offensive (Web, etc) Testing Framework (aka OWTF) is an OWASP+PTES-focused try to unite great tools and make pen testing more efficient @owtfp http://owtf.org
WARNING: This tool unites many great tools, websites, knowledge and their associated power, please hack responsibly and always have permission. That being said, happy pwnage 🙂
Some links:
– Project page: http://owtf.org
– You will probably get the most out of this tool if you look at the Presentation Slides first.
– Demo interactive reports (Firefox >= 8): https://github.com/7a/owtf/tree/master/demos
Change log since OWTF 0.12 “Wicky” (Full change log is here):
25/03/2012 – 0.13 “Trooper” pre-alpha release: Dedicated to Troopers, its organisers and attendants
 + Inclusion of fuzzdb -allowed by licence- thanks!
 + Inclusion of HashCollision-DOS-POC by Christian Mehlmauer (@_FireFart_) thanks!
   Location: owtf_dir/tools/dos/web/HashCollision-DOS-POC
   More info: https://github.com/FireFart/HashCollision-DOS-POC
 + Installation script cleanup: tools/bt5_install.sh courtesy of Michael Kohl (@citizen428), thanks!
 + Minor fixes to scripts/setrubyenv.sh also courtesy of Michael Kohl @citizen428), thanks!
 + “set fuzzFormComboValues all” removed from scripts/run_w3af.sh because it may make w3af scans slow, thanks to Adi Mutu (am06) and Andrés Riancho (@w3af)!
   More info: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=CA%2B1Rt67bN3-2OpB%2B7SOGO7%3D92KWXBMdbaztpa885f%3Du2GzjcFg%40mail.gmail.com&forum_name=w3af-users
 + Created an initial basic targeted phising plugin to send anything via SMTP: aux/se/Targeted_Phishing@OWTF-ASEP-002.py
 + Created the concept of “OWTF Agents”: Small listeners that establish communication channels that allow to perform actions remotely (i.e. in a victim machine)
   – Added sbd-based shared-password OWTF Agent for persistent shell access to other machines to be used during a test (i.e. victim emulation)
   – Added ssh-based trusted-public-key OWTF Agent for an alternative to shared passwords (basic instructions to set this up with ssh)
   – Added initial auxiliary plugins to communicate with OWTF agents:
       SBD_CommandChainer is working, the others in rce are WIP (see plugins/aux/rce)
   – Added imapd OWTF agent: This checks email with a predefined account and loads the configured plugin to process the message.
       1) OWTF sends a targeted phising attack via aux/se/Targeted_Phishing@OWTF-ASEP-002.py
       2) An OWTF imapd Agent processes any new email that arrives and emulates a user click for all links found in the message
 + Added initial SMB handler to the framework and a related plugin: aux/smb/SMB_Handler@OWTF-SMB-001.py
 + Added an Interactive Shell handler useful to interact with remote and local shells run in a subprocess
 + Significant SET integration improvements: new OWTF SET handler + spear_phising modules and plugin/configurability tweaks
 + Added hopefully better comments in several places
 + Started to use Eclipse and Fixed indentation on many framework files 😛
 + Bug fix: Commented out goohost shell one liners in profiles/general/default.cfg: When goohost is not installed cat hangs (Thanks to Sandro Gauci)
 + Bug fix: Grep plugins were no longer showing links to Text, HTML, etc findings
 + Added CAPTCHA breaker tool links to external plugin to assist manual exploitation: PWNtcha – captcha decoder, Captcha Breaker
 + Added vulnerability search box to the CAPTCHA external plugin
 + Added links to the “Session managament schema” external plugin: Gareth Hayes’ HackVertor, Raul Siles’ (Taddong) F5 BIG IP Cookie Decoder
 + Added link to the “SSI Injection” external plugin: webappsec.org SSI Injection info
 + Moved HTTP-Traceroute back into rev_proxy to avoid config changes