OWASP OWTF BruCon 2012 Workshop slides, code, demos

Here are a few links if you want to download the materials from the OWASP OWTF BruCon 2012 workshop that happened last week in Ghent, Belgium:

The slides are now online in slideshare
– The demos, code and slides PDF can be downloaded from either of these:

  1. The OWTF Project Github page
  2. The BruCon site: Using the tar.gz link at the top

If you use the tool and you find any bugs of have any suggestions please feel free to do either or both of these:

  1. Fork the OWASP OWTF project in github and send me a Pull request
  2. Create a bug report on github

If you attended the workshop or even if you just downloaded the materials, I would also appreciate if you could take the time to provide some feedback on ideally at least:

  • What you liked the most
  • What you liked the least 
  • What could have been done better

Thank you!