OWASP GSoC: call for mentors/co-mentors plz RT!

OWASP received 88 proposals this year, but needs 50+ more mentors or some amazing students will be lost this year in the GSoC 2014, please don’t let this happen, here is what you can do:

Case 1) Mentoring for OWASP projects that are not OWTF
If you are interested in mentoring/co-mentoring OWASP projects that are NOT OWTF:
Step 1) Decide what OWASP project to mentor from here:

Step 2) Contact Samantha (samantha.groves at owasp.org) or Kostas (konstantinos at owasp.org) ASAP!
More info: http://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/owasp_project_leader_list/2014-March/000128.html

Case 2) Mentoring for OWASP OWTF 
If you are interested in mentoring/co-mentoring for OWASP OWTF, here is the background:
Step 1) Choose one of the projects below

Step 2) Please contact me ASAP: name.surname@owasp.org -Minor thinking required ;)-

All the top OWASP OWTF candidates are already contributors and/or technically very strong, have solid plans, have a deep understanding of their projects (all of which were carefully discussed and reviewed by the team for feasibility in advance), and mentoring needs will be minimal (i.e. they know what to do).

At this point, we don’t know slots or final ranking, but the projects/ideas that we believe that have a solid candidate to stand a chance (if the planets and other things align) are as follows:

What do you need to be an OWTF mentor?

  • Must have: 1 x email address @any_domain (i.e. @gmail.com, @owasp.org, etc.)
As stated earlier, OWTF top candidates are very unlikely to bother you with things like “I’m stuck”, they are all contributors and/or technically very strong. Mentoring needs are very low, but some of the following would be nice: Infosec OR Python OR JavaScript OR Zest OR Plug-n-Hack knowledge.