Deadline=Oct 15th: Get credits, help OWASP, meet OWASP Winter Code Sprint, plz RT!

NOTE: OWTF 1.0 “Lionheart” has been released!, please help us get it straight reporting bugs here.

There is an awesome OWASP initiative this winter called OWASP Winter Code Sprint (OWCS).

In essence, if you are a university student this lets you to contribute to a participating OWASP project in exchange for university credits and other perks.

The full list of participating OWASP projects and ideas can be found here.

Important deadlines:

Please have a look at the OWCS page for more information and apply for your favourite project today! :).

If any of the following seem interesting to you, please contact me ASAP on -minor thinking required ;)-
NOTE: Yes, these are the ideas that are FREE for the 2nd round! 🙂