Why do you need a pentest?

In the pursuit of cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, automated “pentests” may seem enticing. However, the real test cost extends beyond affordability.

Challenges of Automation: Automated tools miss critical issues, leading to false negatives (missed vulnerabilities) and wasted effort on false positives (fake findings your team must review).

The True Test Cost: Skilled testers provide accurate insights, prioritize remediation, and drive proactive security strategies that work.

Manual Testing’s Vital Role: Essential for uncovering complex vulnerabilities, manual testing complements automation and hence makes expert security audits crucial.

In cybersecurity, cutting corners is not an option. Embrace manual testing to fortify your digital defenses effectively.

Want to know more? Check our latest discussion with Mackenzie Jackson and Dwayne McDaniel from The Security Repo “Why do you need a pentest?” episode:

🛡️ Discover 14 compelling reasons why opting for a manual pentest performed by humans is indispensable in safeguarding your digital assets.

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