Free Pentest Contest 2024: Strengthen Your Cybersecurity for Free

How secure do you think your digital world is? 
This year, we’re thrilled to bring back our highly anticipated Free Pentest Contest for 2024, offering you a golden opportunity to test the strength of your cybersecurity – absolutely free!

Why Enter the Free Pentest Contest 2024?

This is your chance to win a complimentary, professional penetration test and bolster your defenses against cyber threats completely free of charge.

Premium Quality, No Cost

The Free Pentest Contest 2024 provides a unique opportunity to receive a high-quality penetration test conducted by our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals. 

Our services come with a 100% Quality Guarantee and Free Fix Verification, ensuring you receive the best possible assessment without any financial burden. 

Curious about our past successes? Check out our public work to date.

Strengthen Your Cyber Defense

Our experts will thoroughly evaluate your systems, applications, and networks. 

By identifying vulnerabilities and offering tailored recommendations, we help you enhance your organization’s security framework and protect against potential cyber threats.

How to Participate

Entering the Free Pentest Contest 2024 is simple and straightforward. 

Just complete our simple registration form to get started

Don’t miss out on this chance to fortify your cybersecurity defenses at no cost.

Join the ranks of our previous participants who have benefited from our comprehensive pentesting services. Secure your spot in this year’s contest and take the first step toward a more robust security infrastructure.

Contest Process

Ready, set, secure! Dive into the steps of our contest process:

  • Registration and Selection. To apply, fill out our simple registration form. After reviewing all entries, we will notify the selected organizations or individuals about their acceptance into the program.
  • NDA and Contract. To ensure a secure and trustworthy collaboration, selected participants will sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a zero-amount contract. This ensures confidentiality and a clear understanding of the terms.
  • Pentest Execution. Our team will coordinate with the chosen participants to schedule and conduct the penetration test. We strive to accommodate your preferences and schedules while maintaining the flexibility needed for an efficient process.

Ready to Step Up Your Security Game?

The Free Pentest Contest 2024 is your gateway to a safer digital environment.

  • Expert Analysis. Receive a detailed assessment from top cybersecurity professionals.
  • Custom Recommendations. Gain actionable insights specific to your organization’s needs.
  • Enhanced Security. Strengthen your defenses against cyber threats with our expert guidance.

Apply now and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to improve your cybersecurity for free. 

Ready to apply? 

Fill out our registration form and join the journey toward enhanced cybersecurity!

Cannot wait and prefer a standard test? Contact us instead 🙂