Silent web app testing by example slides and experience

UPDATE: Just realised that slideshare made the fonts look funny, use the “Download” option at the top to see the presentation as a PDF properly.

If you are interested you can now view and download the slides for “Silent web app testing by example” here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the awesome BerlinSides audience for all the kind words and support. I felt really overwhelmed by the good feedback, I almost hugged a guy when he told me something like: “I really liked your talk, it is amazing: The entry to BerlinSides is free and I am getting better talks here than in CCC”. I think this was an exaggeration but thank you!!! That is motivation for the whole new year right there :).

I would also like to thank my buddy Gavin (who gave the excellent SE talk at BerlinSides) for letting me use his remote control which I believe made the presentation more natural.

Thanks go also for Aluc for having patience to answer all my questions before and during BerlinSides 🙂 and for paying for many of the costs out of his own pocket.

The 16 owtf demos and slides will follow shortly as well as the source code release next week.

Happy new year everyone!