Offensive (Web, etc) Testing Framework slides, demos and info

Happy new year!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that chose to attend my OWTF workshop despite it happening at the same time that probably one of the best talks at BerlinSides: “Layers of misunderstanding, or how digital radio is not what you think…” by Travis Goodspeed, which I unfortunately missed too since I had to do the workshop :P.

I believe the smart BerlinSides audience had an open mind and understood this somewhat different tool and the philosophy behind it. There was some healthy debate and feedback at the end which I have already appended to my huge todo list, I really do need to release this asap so that others can help, this project is too extensive for one person only :).

– I hope to release the source code next week(end-ish) as soon as I get a chance to fix the most unacceptable outstanding bugs, change the licence to the right thing on all files and figure out how to upload it all to github.
– Chosen hosting: github (nobody against at BerlinSides)
– Chosen licence: 3-clause-BSD (nobody against at BerlinSides)
Please do contact me if you have a different opinion on licence and/or hosting. You are still on time and this is a hard decision!

The slides are published here (download as PDF if fonts look funny), the demos I used in BerlinSides are here.

Project info:
OWTF Youtube Project Channel
Project page
– Twitter handle: @owtfp