owtf 0.10 “Berlin” 1 URL sample report and update

NOTE: I believe looking at the slides and demos before playing with the interactive report will help.
NOTE 2: The report has been built for HTML 5 localstorage, your flags and notes will be kept even if you close the browser as long as you use Firefox >= 8 (there is a bug before then) and maybe other browsers (not tested)

After a long night of bug fixing the single URL report seems usable (there were a lot of broken links in BerlinSides so I was limited in what I could show), the following is an example for you to play with until I fix a few remaining nasty bugs:

owtf 0.10 “Berlin” 1 URL sample report for demo.testfire.net

MD5: bb5b75a7382b9147583fb013db6eac38
SHA1: 41d15d53f0c98eb6a056dd49c8a53c5a1552d1a2

Estimates (largely depending on my body response to caffeine and inspiration :)):
– 1-2 more owtf nights until I get multi-url working properly, hopefully with the summary counters working
– 1 more night to change licence and upload to github

Will upload the multi-url report as soon as I have it sorted.

Sorry for the delay, I am really doing my best. This is a lot more than I had working for BerlinSides, please bear with me, I think I will have it ready for this week.

In the meantime enjoy 🙂