AppSec EU: OWASP OWTF Summer Storm slides, demos and Plug-n-Hack support!

UPDATE 04/09/2013: Added link to AppSec EU video
UPDATE 26/08/2013: Added Plug-n-Hack support link.

OWASP AppSec EU 2013 and HackPra AllStars were both a blast this week:

I would like to use this opportunity to let you know that:

  1. OWASP OWTF is always actively looking for contributors, bug reports / ideas.
  2. The slides for the OWASP OWTF Summer Storm talks last week are now online here.
  3. OWASP OWTF supports the Plug-n-Hack mozilla standard now.

The demos, research and prototypes are all linked from the relevant slides within the presentation above.

NOTE: You can now see the OWASP OWTF Summer Storm AppSec EU video here.
NOTE 2: All AppSec EU + HackPra AllStarts video is here!.

The slides were used at OWASP AppSec EU in:

You can find members of the OWTF team on our: