What does a 7ASecurity penetration test look like?

Do you have doubts about the security of your applications and systems? This is not just necessary for compliance such as ISO 27001 or SOC2: As attackers continue to develop new methods to exploit vulnerabilities, it’s crucial to keep up with the game. At 7ASecurity, we offer penetration testing services to help you stay ahead of the ever-evolving security landscape. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in raising the bar and preparing you to face any challenges. So, what does a 7ASecurity penetration test look like? Here’s a breakdown of our process:

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Step 1: Deal

First and foremost, we work with you to understand your needs and agree on the effort required for the test. We will also set a date for the test and sign an offer, NDA, and DPA (GDPR) to ensure your data’s protection.

At this stage, you might want to consider what type of 7ASecurity penetration test you would like to perform, for example:

Web Application Penetration Test
Mobile or Desktop App Penetration Test
Code Audit
Internal Penetration Test
External Penetration Test

Step 2: Planning

Next, you provide us with the necessary information, documentation, and access to test accounts and environments. Based on your threat model, we agree on the scope and focus areas of the test.

Step 3: Action

Once planning is complete, our team conducts the test, and we report high and critical issues to you live via chat or encrypted email (PGP). We may ask for additional information or assistance in some cases to ensure the best possible test coverage.

We take our commitment to quality seriously, which is why we offer a 100% Quality Guarantee. If we deliver results that do not meet our standards, we will continue working on the test until the quality objectively matches them, all at no extra cost to you.

Quality Guarantee

Step 4: Mitigation and Fix Verification

Once the test is complete, we provide you with a report and an invoice for the services rendered. We also offer to discuss the findings and provide guidance on mitigation and verification of fixes.

Additionally, we offer a Free Fix Verification Bonus to ensure that your organization’s systems and apps are secure. We will verify that all identified vulnerabilities have been fixed, suggest improvements, and ensure that bypasses are not possible, all free of charge, and at a time that works best for your organization.

Free Fix Verification

Step 5: See you in a year?

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have. We hope to meet again in one year for another test to maintain your security at the highest level.

Not sure what to expect? Please feel free to check out our public reports to see the results of some of our previous tests, the level of quality we tend to deliver and learn more about 7ASecurity penetration tests.

So, if you’re ready to raise the bar and ensure your applications and systems’ security, contact us today. In conclusion, by working together, we can protect your business from potential cyber threats.